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DM2E digitised manuscripts to Europeana

AthenaPlus: Access to cultural heritage networks for Europeana

Judaica Link: Linking reference works of Jewish culture and history online

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Judaica Europeana Events


21-23 October, Rome
Europeana Aggregators Forum at the Italian National Library, Rome

20-21 October, National Library, Rome
International Conference presenting the results of the AthenaPlus project
GLAMs going digital. Multilingualism, Creativity, Reuse


13-14 April, Cambridge, Massachussets
Harvard EVA Minerva Conference
featuring a Judaica Europeana session:

Working with Europeana: Integrated access to digital collections via Judaica Europeana and AthenaPlus
Lena Stanley-Clamp, European Association for Jewish Culture
Presentation (Pdf)

Europeana and LOD: Enhancing Jewish and Israeli digital contents
Dov Winer, European Association for Jewish Culture
Presentation (Pdf)

25-27 February, Riga
AthenaPlus: Access to cultural heritage networks for Europeana
Plenary and Working Groups meetings

20 January, Rome
International Workshop, Fondazione CDEC
Linked Open Data and Jewish Cultural Heritage
The programme includes:

Judaica Europeana – Towards a Global Jewish Studies Knowledge Grid
Dov Winer, European Association for Jewish Culture

JudaicaLink: Linked Data from Jewish Encyclopedias
Kai Eckert, University of Mannheim



10–11 November, Jerusalem
11th EVA-Minerva Israel Conference on the Digitization of Cultural Heritage

featuring a Judaica Europeana session:
Chair: Prof. Martin Golumbic, Director, Caesarea Rothschild Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science (CRI), University of Haifa

Gesher L'Europa – A bridge to Europe: Making the National Library's resources accessible to new communities of users in Europe
Caron Sethill, NLI Programme Coordinator, Europe

Towards a crowd sourcing conceptualization of preserving Jewish Heritage
Jack Gottlieb, Founder, World Jewish Heritage

DM2E : Jewish Studies knowledge grid in the Linked Open Data Cloud: latest Judaica Europeana developments
Dov Winer, Judaica Europeana Scientific Manager

Programme and presentations

4–6 November, Jerusalem
2nd International Conference of Judaica Collection Curators, The National Library of Jerusalem
Curated Collections: Toward a Jewish Digital Culture

Session 1: Building Judaica Digital Collections in the 21st Century
(with Judaica Europeana partners)
Chair: Lena Stanley-Clamp, Judaica Europeana

Violet Radnofsky, Harvard University Library
Rachel Heuberger, Frankfurt University Library
Catherine Eagleton, The British Library
Sabina Magrini, Biblioteca Palatina in Parma

Programme (Docx)

14 August, Paris
IFLA Satellite Meeting 2014, Bibliotheque Nationale de France
Making Library Linked Data using the Europeana Data Model
Marko Knepper, Frankfurt University Library and Valentine Charles, Europeana Foundation
Abstract (Docx)

13–14 August, Geneva
World Library and Information Congress Satellite Meeting 2014
Cultural Heritage Reconstructed: Compact Memory and the Frankfurt Digital Judaica Collection
Rachel Heuberger, Judaica Division, Frankfurt University Library
Presentation (Pdf)
Paper (Pdf)

20–24 July, Paris
X Congress of the European Association for Jewish Studies
Jewish and Non-Jewish Cultures in Contact: New Research Perspectives including:

21 July, 2 pm
New perspectives on Jewish and non-Jewish relations in modern European culture based on Judaica Europeana digital collections:

  • When German Jews were Germans: family relations, business and political involvement from 1871-1933 in the light of the Leo Baeck Institute Archives' collections, Frank Mecklenburg, Director of Research and Chief Archivist, LBI, New York
  • Jewish patronage in non-Jewish society. The history of the Rothschild Library in Frankfurt on Main from paper to online, Rachel Heuberger, Head of the Frankfurt University Library
  • Evolving Yiddish audiences’ interest in theatre in Europe in the 19th - 1st half of the 20th centuries: Yiddish plays in the YIVO Library digital collections, Lyudmila Sholokhova, Head Librarian and Acting Chief Archivist, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
  • Convened and introduced by Lena Stanley-Clamp

Abstracts (Doc)

Judaica Europeana and the DM2E Project Presentation (Pdf)
Evolving Yiddish Audiences' Interest in Theater Presentation (Pdf)
The Rothschild Library Presentation (Pdf)


7-8 May, Florence
EVA Conference on Electronic Imaging and the Visual Arts
Feeding the Digital Humanities: the DM2E and Judaica Europeana projects, presentation by Dov Winer, Scientific Manager, Judaica Europeana
Presentation (Pdf)

25-28 March, Passau
Digital Humanities – methodischer Brückenschlag oder "feindliche Übernahme"?

30-31 January, Berlin
Unlocking Sources: The First World War online and Europeana International conference at Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
Records of the New York Office of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee 1914 – 1918, presentation by Linda G Levi, Director of JDC Global Archives, Judaica Europeana partner
Presentation (Pdf)


12-13 November, Jerusalem
The Xth Jerusalem Conference on the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage, including a Judaica Europeana session


25 October, Sao Paulo
International Digital Humanities Seminar, University of Sao Paulo

Digital Humanities in a Linked Data World: Semantic Annotations, presentation by Dov Winer, Scientific Manager, Judaica Europeana

28 July – 1 August, Jerusalem
16th World Congress of Jewish Studies
New Techniques for Promoting Jewish Studies: A session with Judaica Europeana partners chaired by Professor Jonathan Sarna of Brandeis University:
Judaica Europeana for Digital Humanities by Dov Winer, European Association for Jewish Culture;
The Haskala Database – the entry into the modern Jewish Republic of Letters by Rachel Heuberger, Frankfurt University;
Epidat – epigraphical database and archive of Jewish cemeteries, inscriptions and tombstones by Thomas Kollatz, Steinheim Institute for German Jewish History;
The eHumanities-project ‘spatial relations’ – Visualization of small(est) topographic structures by Nathanja Huettenmeister, Steinheim Institute.

9 July, Berlin
International Conference, Jewish Museum Berlin
Public History of the Holocaust. Historical Research in the Digital Age.
Judaica Europeana: content, Linked Data infrastructure and scholarship by Dov Winer, European Association for Jewish Culture

Conference presentations

13-14 June, Hamburg
Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden
Jüdische Geschichte Digital
'Insights into Judaica Europeana' by Dr Rachel Heuberger, Frankfurt University Library

Programme (Pdf)

10 June, London
British Library Conference Centre
The Web as Literature, a one-day event exploring Linked Open Data and its revolutionary potential for the humanities, presented by the DM2E project and Judaica Europeana.

  • A keynote by the inventor of hypertext, Ted Nelson
  • A Digital Humanities panel with Professor Stefan Gradmann (KU Leuven), Dr Tobias Blanke (Kings College London) and Dominic Oldman (Research Space, British Museum)
  • The European Digital Library and Linked Open Data presentation by Antoine Isaac, Europeana Foundation
  • Hands-on workshops with DM2E’s flagship tool, Pundit, for semantically annotating and linking texts and images


7-13 April 2013, Erfurt
Reflecting Remembrance, Teaching History for a Common Culture of Remembrance?
20th Annual Conference of Euroclio, European Association of History Educators
Workshop on the use of Jewish digital content in the teaching of European history presented by Dov Winer

18-19 March, Rome
Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico, National Library
Launch of the AthenaPlus Project which will contribute new digital content to Europeana.eu
Meetings of partners and working groups


26 January, Bari

Soprintendenza Archivistica per la Puglia and MiBAC-ICCU
Bari, Palazzo Sagges
Memoria storica e web: Judaica Europeana
Presentation by Marzia Piccinino and Maria Teresa Natale, ICCU, Rome
www.sapuglia.it | www.presidi.org

27 February, Rome
Judaica Europeana and the Jewish cultural heritage in Europe
International Conference at the Central National Library, Rome

Programme and presentations (videos)

19 March, The Hague
Scholarly digital editions, tools and infrastructure
The Huygens / Interedition symposium

Programme (Pdf)

3 June, Jerusalem
Judaica Europeana session: Integrated access to Jewish collections online
Hosted by the National Library of Israel, Jerusalem

Programme (Doc)

A presentation of Judaica Europeana highlights (Pdf)
Lena Stanley-Clamp, Judaica Europeana Coordinator, European Association for Jewish Culture, London

Digital learning and scholarship environments and Jewish collections (Pdf)
Dov Winer, Scientific Manager, Judaica Europeana and EAJC, Jerusalem

Digital Manuscripts to Europeana project (DM2E): Progress on new technology for the Linked Open Data environment (Pdf)
Ido Ivri, Manager of Digital Programmes, National Library of Israel, Jerusalem

Digitization of the JDC Archives (Pdf)
Yitzhak Teutsch, Director, JDC Archives, Jerusalem

Digital programme of the Center for Jewish History
Laura Leone, Director of Archive and Library Services, CJH, New York

YIVO’s digitization projects (Pdf)
Lyudmila Sholokhova, Head Librarian, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York

Leo Baeck Institute’s digitization project
Frank Mecklenburg, Leo Baeck Institute, New York

10 October, São Paulo
Bibliotecas e Humanidades Digitais: Além da Babel
presentation by Dov Winer, Scientific Director, Judaica Europeana
at the Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e Jose Mindlin
University of São Paulo, Bresil

Presentation (Pdf)

30 October, London
European Research Libraries Annual Seminar
British Library Conference Centre
Judaica Europeana — a case study
Rachel Heuberger, Frankfurt University Library

Programme (Pdf)

13-14 November 2012, Jerusalem
EVA/MINERVA 9th International Conference on Digitization of Cultural Heritage
including a Judaica Europeana session

Programme information


6-7 February, Paris
Judaica Europeana Partners’ Meeting

21 February, Rome
ATHENA-EuropeanaLocal Workshop
European Contribution to online digital cultural heritage

Judaica Europeana: the Jewish contribution to European culture online
Marzia Piccininno, Istituto centrale per il catalogo unico delle biblioteche italiane

Download Presentation (Pdf) (Mp3)

14-16 March, Halle/Saale
International Experts Conference
The work and impact of Leopold Zunz, the Father of Jewish Studies
Judaica Europeana project presented by Rachel Heuberger, Frankfurt University Library

Program (Pdf)

30 March, Warsaw
Conference on ‘The Legacy of War’ sponsored by the Department of Victims and Memory, Dutch Ministry of Health, Social Welfare and Sport, Institute of National Memory and Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw
Digitization of the Jewish Historical Institute archival collections presented by Agnieszka Reszka

11 April, Rome
Judaica Europeana Conference
Online: Europeana e Judaica Europeana
Le Città, la Cultura e il Contributo Ebraico all’Europe

Università La Sapienza, Rome

Download Program (Pdf) (Doc)

11-13 April, London
Jewish Identities in Contemporary Europe
International Conference at the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of London in association with Judaica Europeana

Conference Abstracts (Pdf)

13-14 April, Southampton
Toward a Pan-European Survey of Archives with Jewish collections
International workshop at the University of Southampton
Judaica Europeana presentation by Lena Stanley-Clamp

5 May, Florence
EVA 2011 Workshop
Ten years of networking for digital cultural heritage
Judaica Europeana presentation by Marzia Piccininno

16-18 May, Tel Aviv
INFO 2011 Conference
Judaica Europeana presentation by Dov Winer

30-31 May, Budapest
Judaica Europeana Partners’ Meeting

30 June, Krakow
A performance at the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, co-sponsored by Judaica Europeana
Five (P)Arts Inspired by the text of five Megilloth, a modern interpretation of the Song of Songs performed in five different art idioms. A Midrash Theatre production directed by Tanya Segal, Jewish Museum Galicia, Krakow.
More information at www.beitkrakow.pl

6-10 July, Frankfurt/Main
Summer School for PhD Students in Modern European Jewish History and German Jewish Studies, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
The Judaica Europeana Workshop on digitized primary resources for Jewish studies led by Rachel Heuberger

11 August, Jerusalem
Semantic MediaWiki and the Haskala Project: Building a modern Jewish Republic of Letters in the 18th and 19th Century using the Semantic Web
The National Library of Israel and Judaica Europeana workshop

List of participants (Pdf)
Yaron Koren, Introduction to the Semantic Web (Pdf)
Yaron Koren, The "Semantic Bundle" (Pdf)

19-20 September, Warsaw
Judaica Europeana Partners’ Meeting

26 September, London
Workshop on Semantic MediaWiki: a tool for collaborative databases
Lecture on the Judaica Europeana Haskala Database and Semantic MediaWiki
by Yaron Koren, one of the main semantic MediaWiki developers, New York
Centre for e-Research, King’s College London

6-7 October, Fermo (Italy)
Testimonianze della cultura ebraica: ricerca e valorizzazione. Il progetto Judaica Europeana
(Jewish presence and heritage: research and enhancement. The Judaica Europeana project)

under the auspices of the Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Macerata

31 October, London
Workshop on Judaica Europeana and Digital Humanities at the British Library

Workshop programme (Pdf)

1. Digital innovation and access to Europe's heritage online: the strategy of Europeana.eu (Ppt) Jonathan Purday, Europeana

2. Judaica Europeana: library, archive and museum collections online from Europe and beyond (Pptx) Lena Stanley-Clamp,
Judaica Europeana project manager

3. Integrating user environments and data liquidity to improve the research experience (Ppt) Chris Clark, British Library

4. Collaborative research online: the knowledge management pilot project on Haskala, the Jewish enlightenment database (Ppt)
Rachel Heuberger, Frankfurt University Library

5. Scholarship, tools, research practices (Pptx) Sheila Anderson, Centre for e-research, King's College London

6. Facilitating data mining: Tagging the digitized Montefiore Testimonials (Ppt) Francois Guesnet, University College, London

7. Internet resources for historical research: Jewish content in a broader context (Pdf) Gerben Zaagsma, Huygens Institute for
Dutch  History, The Hague

8. A Judaica Europeana virtual exhibition: Yiddish Theatre in London (Ppt) Elizabeth Selby, Jewish Museum London

9. Future Perspectives (Pptx) Simon Tanner, King's College London

9-10 November, New York
From Access to Integration: Digital Technologies and the Study of Jewish History
Judaica Europeana presentation at the international conference at the Center for Jewish History

(Download Pdf)

13 November, London
Stranger at the Table, a staged reading of the new historical play by Julia Pascal at the Jewish Museum London

16 November, Jerusalem
Judaica Europeana sessions at the EVA/Minerva Annual Conference on Digital Heritage, Van Leer Institute

The Haskala Republic of Letters Research Project, Dr Stefan Litt, National Library of Israel

The Holocaust Theatre Collection Online Project, Mark Ejlenberg, Chairman, All About Jewish Theatre

Judaica Europeana 2012-2014, Dov Winer, Scientific Manager, Judaica Europeana

17 November, Naples
Sharing, collaboration, knowledge: Jewish culture in the Internet age
Interdisciplinary seminar at the Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Naples in association with MiBAC/ICCU, Judaica Europeana and Jewish Community of Naples

Programme (Pdf)

19-22 November, London
Annual Conference of the Association of European Jewish Museums
including a workshop on Digitising Collections and Creating Virtual Exhibitions

Introduction to digitisation of collections (Ppt)
Introduction to creating virtual exhibitions (Ppt)
Liz Selby and Helena Liszka, Jewish Museum London

22 November, Barcelona
Europeana, agregació de continguts i Linked Data pel patrimoni cultural
Workshop Citilab, Cornellà-Barcelona
Projectes temàtics a l’entorn d’Europeana. El cas de Judaica Europeana

27 November, Rome
Dalle rotative all'iPad - tradizione a future nella stampa ebraica
Judaica Europeana event in association with ICCU and UCEI

Programme (Pdf)


25 – 26 January, London
Judaica Europeana Kick Off meeting

15 March, Berlin

Digital Access to Jewish Heritage Collections: Judaica Europeana and MICHAEL Portals
Joint seminar with the Institut für Museumsforschung / Institute for Museum Research in Berlin

Introduction (Doc)
Lena Stanley-Clamp: Judaica Europeana digital access to Jewish collections in Europe (in English) (Pdf)
Rachel Heuberger: Digital access to Jewish collections in Germany (in German) (Pdf)
Stefan Rohde-Enslin: Publicizing digital collections in the MICHAEL multilingual portal (in German) (Ppt)
Frank von Hagel: Publicizing Jewish content collections through the MICHAEL portal (in German) (Pdf)

21-24 April, Florence
EVA 2010 Florence – Electronic Imaging in the Arts
Judaica Europeana: Semantic Web tools for expressing the contribution of Jews to European Cities in the European Digital Library – Europeana – Dov Winer

Download paper (Pdf)
Download presentation (Slideshare)

28 April, Jerusalem
Conference of the Israel Association of Judaica Librarians
National Library of Israel
Dov Winer, European Association for Jewish Culture
הספרייה הדיגיטאלית האירופית

Keynote Address: 'Judaica Europeana'
Download presentation (Slideshare)

3-5 May, Tel Aviv
INFO 2010, the 25th Annual Conference & Exhibition 
Dov Winer, European Association for Jewish Culture
Keynote Address: 'The European Digital Library, Europeana, and Judaica Europeana'

Download presentation

25-27 May, Amsterdam
WCIT 2010, World Congress of Information Technologies
Creative Industries Track
Dov Winer, European Association for Jewish Culture
Keynote Address: Judaica Europeana - content, semantics and meaning for the creative industries'

Download presentation

28-30 May, Bergen
COST A32 Open Scholarly Communities on the Web
eLearning Seminar

Dov Winer, EAJC and MAKASH
'Contents from Europeana and Judaica Europeana for scholarship research and e-learning

Download presentation

15-16 June, Brussels
Judaica Europeana presentation at the: LRE (Learning Resources eXchange) Technical & Semantic Interoperability Workshop
Organized by the European Schoolnet Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) and the ASPECT Best Practice Network

28 June, London
Judaica Europeana presentation at the Europeana UK Conference
Collections Trust, London

25-29 July, Ravenna
Judaica Partners presentations on urban Jewish studies and Judaica collections
IX Congress of the European Association for Jewish Studies, Ravenna, Italy

30 July, University of Bologna, Ravenna Campus
The Judaica Europeana Digital Humanities Workshop
sponsored by COST Action 32 Open Scholarly Communities on the Web

Download Program
See Digital Humanities Resources

Linked Open Data in Digital Humanities
Presentation by Christian Morbidoni and Michele Barbera

Download Pdf

Everyday Digital Scholarship: using web-based tools for research
Presentation by Francesca di Donato

Download Pdf

Open Scholarly Communities on the Web: quick start guide
Presentation by Matteo d’Alfonso

Download Powerpoint

Useful Examples

Download Powerpoint

4-5 October, Berlin
Europeana Germany Conference, Berlin

Judaica Europeana presentation by Dr Rachel Heuberger

7 October, Jerusalem
Workshop on Interedition, Judaica Europeana / National Library of Israel, Jerusalem

Tools and methodology of digital scholarly edition and research

Workshop link on National Library of Israel website
Workshop link on Interedition website

List of participants (Pdf)

14-15 October, Amsterdam
Europeana Open Culture Conference

19 October, Poznań
Polish Digital Libraries Conference 2010: Europeana Day
Judaica Europeana presentation by Edyta Kurek
Conference organized by the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, Poznań Foundation of Scientific Libraries, The Kórnik Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences

21 October, London
Conference of European Association of Jewish Community Centres, London
Judaica Europeana presentation by Lena Stanley-Clamp

1 November, Budapest
Judaica Europeana presentations at Limmud Conference by Jean-Claude Kuperminc and Zsuzsana Toronyi

15-16 November, Jerusalem
Judaica Europeana conference at the EVA-Minerva International Conference on the Digitization of Cultural Heritage

Download conference programme (Doc)

17 November, Madrid
Judaica Europeana presentation by Carole Haskel at the EuropeanaLocal National Conference

20-23 November, Rome
Annual Conference of the Association of European Jewish Museums
Judaica Europeana and digitization of Jewish collections, presentation by Lena Stanley-Clamp.

2-3 December, Athens
Judaica Europeana Seminar, Jewish Museum of Greece
Teaching about the Holocaust in Greece: 'Judaica Europeana: a digital education tool', a presentation by Anastasia Loudarou

Download Presentation (Pdf)

14 December, Edinburgh
Judaica Europeana presentation by Elizabeth Selby at Collections Trust's Europeana Scottish Conference.